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Zits Apocalypse

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Zits Apocalypse: Are You Ready?

by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman

Welcome to Zits, the brilliantly funny comic strip that is the perfect portrayal of life with a teenager—complete with an eye-rolling teen and well-intentioned, but baffled, parents.

Lauded by the Los Angeles Times “as one of the freshest and most imaginative strips” and designated as Best Newspaper Comic Strip twice by the National Cartoonists Society, Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman’s Zits offers shared experience and parenting salvation for the 80.5 million homes to both teen and parent in the United States. 
Simultaneously, Zits artfully reminds readers what it’s like to both be an adolescent and parent an adolescent.  While fifteen-year-old son Jeremy is grappling with impending career choices and parental pearls of wisdom on topics ranging from driving to sex, parents Connie and Walt do their best to keep up with his latest trends, technology, and appetite cravings. 

Contains cartoons not previously collected.

IBSN: 9781449458683
Publication date: November 3, 2015