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The Dilbert Omnibus

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The Dilbert Omnibus

by Scott Adams

At last, in one volume, all three of Scott Adams' bestselling business books; Since 1989, Scott Adams has been illustrating this principle each day, lampooning the corporate world in Dilbert, his enormously popular comic strip. In the potatoshaped, abuse-absorbing Dilbert, he has given voice to the millions of workers the world over buffeted by the many adversities of the workplace. With The Dilbert Principle, Adams' produced arguably the most important business book of the 20th century. He followed up with The Dilbert Future, a hilarious look at what the future held for hapless office workers everywhere and finished off his business trilogy with The Joy of Work, a joyously cynical look at the workplace. They are now at last available in one volume, The Dilbert Omnibus.

(Contains The Dilbert Principle, The Dilbert Future, and The Joy of Work.)

Paperback, 880 pages.

IBSN: 9780752215013
Publication date: September 6, 2002