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Scribbles at an Exhibition

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Interested in Baby Blues Comics comics?

Scribbles at an Exhibition: Baby Blues Scrapbook 29

by Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott

In the chronological collection Scribbles at an Exhibition, readers get a close-up view inside the home of the MacPhersons, a perfectly normal family with perfectly chaotic lives. Daryl and Wanda are deep in the trenches of child rearing and earning their stripes as parents to Zoe, Hammie, and baby Wren.

Baby Blues "recently celebrated an achievement that is considered the comic industry's top milestone: surpassing 1,000 newspaper clients around the world." —Arizona Republic

Contains about nine months of previously uncollected comics. One color or three black & white comics per page.

IBSN: 9781449409722
Publication date: May 15, 2012