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It's a Girl

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Interested in Baby Blues Comics comics?

It's a Girl: A Baby Blues Book

by Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott

This baby gift book features the artwork from the popular and award-winning Baby Blues comic strip, during a time when a new baby (a little sister) was introduced to the household. It’s a Girl will delight moms, moms-to-be, and any family member forced to deal with a new baby girl in the house.

Have a new baby in the house? Know somebody who's expecting? This is the gift book you're looking for. Ripped from the internationally popular comic strip Baby Blues and selected by Jerry Scott and Rick Kirkman, these are the definitive strips that shaped the lives of the Baby Blues characters when they added children to the family.

In It's a Girl, young Hammie has it all until the day his parents bring home a baby sister. In an instant, Hammie goes from the revered position of "baby of the family" to, ugh, middle child. It's not a smooth transition to big brotherhood for Hammie, but it's definitely a humorous and heartwarming story.

It's a Girl will delight moms, moms-to-be, and any family member lucky enough to deal with a new baby.

Hardcover gift book, 80 pages.

IBSN: 9780740791673
Publication date: February 16, 2010