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Playdate: Category 5

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Interested in Baby Blues Comics comics?

Playdate: Category 5: Baby Blues Scrapbook 19

by Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott

All the family fun, pandemonium, and childhood chaos that fans of Baby Blues enjoy in the strip's daily newspaper appearances swirl about this collection, Playdate: Category 5.

Imagine three hurricanes converging on one household and you get an idea of what Darryl and Wanda MacPherson experience each delightful day of parenting Zoe, Hammie, and Baby Wren. It's a perfect storm of flying foodstuffs, off-the-scale emotional outbursts, and enough offspring energy to make veteran storm chasers duck for cover . . . and that's before any little friends come over to play!

Playdate: Category 5 captures all this and more. This Baby Blues collection is packed with hilarious family situations and childhood challenges anyone can appreciate, whether it's fellow parents riding out their own "storms," empty-nesters reveling in their calms, or parents-to-be wondering what all the fuss is about. Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott are right on target in episode after episode. Their witty observations and insights—such as "I think screaming is the primary form of communication for girls," "We've gotta learn to travel lighter, or just put some wheels on the house," and "Sometimes being the dad is like being the weird kid in the neighborhood"—always hit the mark.

Playdate: Category 5 will be treasured by Baby Blues fans everywhere. Playdate allows readers to experience the full fury of the MacPherson family tempest time and time again.

Contains about nine months of previously uncollected comics. All black & white.

IBSN: 9780740746659
Publication date: September 1, 2004