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Ten Years and Still in Diapers

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Interested in Baby Blues Comics comics?

Ten Years and Still in Diapers: A Baby Blues Treasury

by Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott

Over the years, fans have lovingly accompanied Darryl and Wanda MacPherson on their evolving journey as parents-and what a trip it's been! Filled with temper tantrums and tender affection, with flying food, potty training, and sibling rivalry, Baby Blues has become one of the most beloved family-oriented comic strips in the world.

When Zoe was first born, Darryl and Wanda stood back as their home was transformed by chaos. Just as the tyke was going mobile, Wanda found out she was pregnant again, and we watched as the family adapted to the demands of two kids. Now Zoe has matured into a big sister to baby Hamish-who's learning to walk and talk, in addition to rolling. The MacPhersons find their lives have become immeasurably richer, except in terms of actual income!

Baby Blues: Ten Years and Still in Diapers is a special treasury of the beloved strip, featuring Sundays in all their colorful glory. Countless Baby Blues fans can identify with the MacPhersons, who balance never-ending mayhem around toys and vegetable consumption with an undying love and quest to raise their little ones into healthy adults. Parents and nonparents alike have fallen head-over-heels for the sidesplitting, yet realistic, family humor that Baby Blues has consistently delivered to their homes.

Contains selected previously collected comics from Scrapbooks 1 to 11. One color or three black & white comics per page. Contains author comments.

IBSN: 9780740700088
Publication date: August 1, 1999